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  1. Also we need 25 travel mugs Item # ST65 and also with 50 coffee cup #7102
    for $2.92. All with the FBC logo that you e mailed. the third design will work.
    Thanks Jeanna
    You can call me at 325-473-2331

  2. The last FBC logo will be fine. What is the hold up. I have called and emailed several times with no reply from you except wanting us to pick a logo for cups and travel mugs. 25 travel mug #ST65 with same logo and 50 coffee cups #7102. White coffee cup with maroon and white logo FBC and same logo on the white travel mugs. We need these soon as possible. I don’t know what the holdup is. You can reach me at 325-473-2331. Please call me asap to discuss this. If we need to order from another place, please let me know. Thank You for your prompt attention to this matter.

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