Our Beliefs

To enable the people of our community to know Christ and enjoy a fulfilling purpose Christian life though a ministry of meaningful worship, life related Bible teaching, and significant Christian relationships.

Our Mission

First Baptist Core Values

1. We value Discerning (need-oriented) Evangelism that extends God’s love and hope through the message of salvation to all people that we can reach, in a way that is understood, answers the questions, and meets the needs of pre-Christians.

2. We value Authentic (loving) Relationships that express unity, love, forgiveness, and care for each person so that the needs of people are met in a relevant and effective way, building a Christlike and loving atmosphere within the church family.

3. We value Passionate Spirituality, growing in our relationship with Jesus through confession of sin, Bible study, and prayer, that is actually lived out with commitment and enthusiasm.

4. We value Inspiring Worship services that are relevant and enjoyable for those who attend.

5. We value Holistic (small) Groups where individuals can find intimate community, practical helps, and intensive spiritual interaction that ministers to the whole person.

6. We value Empowering Leadership by equipping, supporting, mentoring, and coaching individuals to become all God wants them to be.

7. We value Functional (organizational) Structures that promote teamwork and actually fulfill and measure up to their intended purpose

8. We value a S.H.A.P.E. oriented ministry that helps members identify their S.H.A.P.E. and integrates them into ministries that match that S.H.A.P.E.

9. We value Cultural Relevance while at the same time remaining aligned with the truth, authority, and application of Scripture.

10. We value Intentional Multiplication (and reproduction) where believers, leaders, and churches reproduce themselves fulfilling the Great Commission.

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